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At Chefmeals, we are a new small personal chef business located in Phillipsburg NJ, Warren County that focuses heavily on custom meal prep and culinary development. We believe in giving you a peace of mind when it comes to meal prep and trusting Chef Joe expertise when it comes to Culinary. We will come to your home at your convenience or pre arrangements by clients for food to be cooked in chefmeals kitchen then drop off to your location of residence or business, and we do it all from menu planning, food shopping, personal chef/caterer, cooking class(Little People), special dinner, meal preps, or just to mingle and have fun in your kitchen with friends, saving you time and energy, and assuring that you get exactly the meals you want, when you want them and a great service for all your events.
Whether it’s a new concept or revamping your currently concept with culinary development, staff training, social get- together, kids birthday, or regular weeknight meals for the family, specialty diets, stocking the freezer/fridge with meals for a new mother, a Dinner Party, a special Romantic Dinner for Two, or an in-home cooking lesson for you and your friends, we are here to serve you with good food for a better mood, custom meals, and an enjoyable social time.

Our story

Chef Joe has been in the culinary space for 22 years and recently opened up his personal chef business called Chefmeals that is based out of Warren County NJ. Our service includes a broad range of services to meet your needs from meal prep to running a new culinary concept business or revamping your current concept ( Please checkout our service page for more details). His customer service and attention to detail and making great food is why he is successful in meeting client needs. He will customize menu planning to meet your dietary requirements and is very innovative with culinary trends that will leave you surprise every week to choose your menu from and most importantly a “Happy Camper”.
He will take special pride to stay within your weekly budget and shops at local markets, farms and local purveyors and source locally and organic as much as possible. Rest assured that your meals always consider your dietary ambitions and restrictions
He also is Food Allergen Certified and Food Safety so you know, you’re in good hands when it comes to any food restrictions and food handling. If you are new in the culinary space, Chef Joe has many years of opening and advising clients with his knowledge so you can be at “ Peace Of Mind ” if you’re getting the tools, resources and training to be successful with your new or revamping your culinary concept. Having a party and you need a personal caterer to plan, cook and execute for your venue? He has a service for that as well. We are your one stop shop when it comes to culinary.
Chefmeals services, you will always be a “ Happy Camper” with great customer service and the best quality food possible.

Our mission

Here at Chefmeals, we are committed by cooking and serving better food for a better mood. We do our best to help busy folks or a new Culinarian in the industry to give time back into your schedule to do things with your family and friends without the hassle of cooking your meals for the week or a party that you want to host or new getting into the culinary space and needs some chef consultant work or a culinarian looking to revamp your current concept with menu design and staff training. We source our products local, organic and natural as much as we can. Buy Local and Support Local is just part of our plan!!