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         This is a new product that we are introducing to the world of busy folks like yourself or for folks who don’t like to cook(LOL). Each week will be a small menu to choose from that will include our favorite staples and CHEFtable specials for the week. The CHEFbowls are packed with well balanced ingredients that have good nutrition with BETTER FOOD, BETTER MOOD. We strive for excellence with our Integrity and Quality of Taste you can experience with CHEFbowls.

How to enjoy

CHEFbowls that you can pop in the microwave for 2-3 minutes with lid on to steam or lid off
If the microwave is not your way to reheat and EAT!
You can remove product from the container, cook on low heat in a saucepan to an internal
temp 165 or toaster oven( this method of reheat can dry product out),
- I recommend a microwave for texture purposes, but enjoy it whatever way you LIKE

Cheatsheet guideline

  • Seafood consumes 2 days after delivery
  • all meats consume 3-4 days after delivery
  • vegetarian/vegan 4-5 days after delivery

Chefbowls can also be frozen for consumption at a later time. Please allow 24 hours to defrost in the refrigerator.

How it works

( please sign up with email, to get our following week menu advance)
Place your order by 7am by Wednesday through our google form doc,

  • Choose your selections, quantity and delivery instructions(address, contact info)
  • Receive a confirmation call/text or email from Chef Joe
  • We accept ach through our platform of stripe or square. We also accept cash and money orders. No Checks
  • We process your payment, send over an email with your receipt.
  • We start production of bowls to be delivered.
  • We deliver on Monday between hours 8am-2pm( We will text eta the morning of delivery so you can plan for your meals to be delivered properly and stored into your fridge or Freezer.
  • We are always looking for feedback, please email us with your experience at E:

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