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Chef Joe has been in the culinary space for 22 years and recently opened up his personal chef business called Chefmeals that is based out of Warren County NJ. Our service includes a broad range of services to meet your needs from meal prep to running a new culinary concept business or revamping your current concept ( Please checkout our service page for more details). His customer service and attention to detail and making great food is why he is successful in meeting client needs. He will customize menu planning to meet your dietary requirements and is very innovative with culinary trends that will leave you surprise every week to choose your menu from and most importantly a “Happy Camper”.


Chef Selection

chef Advisory

Focus on working to develop recipes and menus and offer advice to new culinary concepts or revamping your current culinary concept.

Free consulting

This service is for consultation for personal chef services is free of charge(30 min) in person or via phone conference.

Personal Chef

Our responsibilities include meal planning, shopping for ingredients, cooking, and cleaning up after the meals are made.

Chef Joe on the Go

Perfect service so you can enjoy your party without the preparation of cooking and cleaning up


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